About Garri

Since 1973, Garri,  a family owned and operated company founded by Mr. Magnus R. Jonsson and family, has specialized in the import and sale of quality good and food packaging to professional chefs and clients in the food preparation industry in Iceland.

Garri strives to achieve high quality customer service and build on the trust we have build with our customers and our suppliers. We are always on alert for changes and innovations in the market and product offerings of our suppliers. We are proud of our product line, products that have earned a permanent place with our customers.

Our sales and consulting team includes six professional chefs and one baker whose main objective is to assist our clients with selecting products and giving advise on potential utilization of our products.

On January 1, 1998, Garri moved its operations to Lyngháls 2, Reykjavik, Iceland where we have built and expanded premises in three phases. The total size of the building is 4000 m2 or 28.800 m3. The whole facility is built with the highest standards in food handling and hygiene in mind.

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Skrifstofa, söludeild og lager 

Hádegismóar 1, 110 Reykjavík
Netfang: garri@garri.is
Sími: 570 0300

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